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Our mission, goal and vision

Our mission is to share knowledge and tools to minimize the risks and consequences of sports-related accidents.

Our most ambitious goal is to detect the risk of fainting before it happens so that sport can benefit everyone.

Our answer to this challenge is a community-based approach to faint management that combines a digital platform (AI and medical records) for detection and prevention with community-based lifesaving training that gives people the confidence to intervene.


One of our values: respect for your information

"We are not interested in your personal data!" 

Our commitment to protecting individuals also applies to the processing of personal data. One of the best ways to protect Bevalix Life users is to keep information sharing to a minimum.

In order to carry out our mission, we only need to have in your profile: your e-mail, your cell phone number and that of one of your relatives and your consent to allow us to locate you in order to send help and to contact your relatives.